The Villa's Kim Sadwick receives an RBJ Health Care Achievement Award!


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As a psychiatric nurse practitioner who helps people with substance abuse and mental health challenges, Kim Sadwick benefits from having survived difficult days of her own.

“I have personally experienced trauma in many forms, including poverty, domestic vio­lence, hunger and addiction, says Sadwick, 48, who cares for people at Rochester-based Villa of Hope. “I have received social services help and I have been unable to parent my children while seeking treatment. These experiences have formed me into the person I was intended to be. I cannot undo the past, but I can pay for­ward the kindness, respect and forgiveness that was shown to me.”

At Villa of Hope, Sadwick has embraced the latest technologies with the goal of improving efficiency and clinical care, promoting new initiatives with regard to medication-assisted treatment for individuals who have addictive illness. Despite being relatively new in her field, she is sought out regularly by colleagues who know they will benefit from her knowledge.

“Ms. Sadwick approaches her work with patients, families and colleagues in a remark­ably respectful, highly ethical manner and is guided by a strong moral compass,” says Sandra Mitzner, director of psychiatric and psycholog­ical services at Villa of Hope. “Our agency and community are most fortunate to count her among the most exceptional providers of psychi­atric care for youth, adults, and their families liv­ing with serious mental illness and addictions.”

Under Sadwick’s leadership, Villa of Hope’s Integrated Outpatient Clinic provides a unique patient-centered approach that is greatly need­ed in the Rochester community. Using vision and tenacity, she helped implement a new treatment program for patients who are dealing with substance abuse issues. That is different from the norm, because traditional programs focus on treatment via group therapy, which can deter some potential attendees.

“Although we do provide and highly recom­mend group therapy, our one-on-one focus includes extended appointment times with Kim and one-to-one therapy with a primary coun­selor,” says Gerianne Puskas, chief advance­ment officer. “This seems to really deepen the relationship and likely is the reason for Villa of Hope’s high patient retention rates. Clients keep coming back, and that is key to their success.”

Those familiar with the work being done by Sadwick are thrilled, but not surprised, that she is experiencing such success.

“Kim has always shown exceptional passion and commitment to those struggling with ad­dictions, as well as other mental health issues, and has been a fearless advocate for clients and their families in our outpatient and residential programs,” says Saarah Waleed, chief program officer.

Sadwick, of Greece, looks forward to making a difference for many more people.

“Human beings are so resilient and have deep inner strength and resources, but often need some guidance to tap into that strength,” she says. “To watch someone recover and see that light in their eyes, the glow of the spirit, is an experience that I do not have adequate words to describe. I am honored to experience it on a daily basis.”

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