Jordan's Story

A safe and caring place to rebuild, recover and renew.‚Äč

Some of the challenges our youth face are so overwhelming that they need the chance to step away from their current living situation in order to regroup and step forward. Each of our residential programs was created to provide youth with those appropriate settings. 
Operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, our residential programs serve youth with complex emotional, behavioral and education needs.

Our evidenced-based model incorporates clinical treatment, medical care and family-driven partnerships to help our youth be better prepared for life and less likely to engage in high-risk behaviors.

Jordan’s childhood was not a happy one. Severely abused in his home for years, Jordan harbored a deep and unrelenting anger toward his mother for not intervening. As he got older, he lashed out with violence, destroying property in his home, at school and in the community - and sometimes hurting himself. It was clear that Jordan and his mother needed help.

Jordan was placed in Villa of Hope’s Residential Treatment Facility, a home for boys with mental health disorders and histories of physical, mental and emotional trauma. Using Therapeutic Crisis Intervention, our staff worked with Jordan to teach him how to regulate his anger and express it in constructive ways. He also received therapy to help him process the trauma and abuse he’d suffered. At the same time, his mother received therapy.

Eventually, Jordan was able to safely return home. With continued family counseling, parenting support and youth advocacy through Villa of Hope’s Aftercare program, he and his mother are rebuilding their relationship and recovering hope for the future.