April's Story

Helping youth stay clean, clear and sober.

We offer prevention for school-age youth, outpatient treatment for adolescents and a residential program for teen boys. During and after treatment, we see improvement in social competencies, empowerment and a commitment to learning—all of which reduce criminal activity, school dropout and chemical dependency risks, and enable young people to develop into successful, contributing adults.

After his parents divorced when he was two, Kyle bounced between both homes for most of his childhood—with little supervision from either parent. When he was 12, Kyle found his father’s pain medication. By the time he was 14 and living with his father full-time, Kyle was drinking and smoking pot regularly, and rarely going to school. When he did attend, he was disruptive, got in fights, got in trouble. Kyle’s father—unable to control his own addictions to alcohol and pain medication—tried to send him to live with his mother. She refused.

Kyle’s father brought him to Villa of Hope’s LIFE House, a residential treatment program for young males ages 13 to 19 who are recovering from alcohol or drug dependency. LIFE—Live In Freedom Early—combines counseling, education, recreation and community involvement, and utilizes the evidence-based Seven Challenges Program to help youth maintain a life free from chemical dependence.

At first, Kyle didn’t want to be there, and he didn’t want help. But as he progressed through the program, he began to see that the road he had been on was going nowhere good. He realized that he didn’t want to live like his father, who didn’t work, couldn’t care for himself or others, and didn’t enjoy life.

Kyle dedicated himself to the program. When he left, he moved in with his grandmother so he could avoid the negative influences of his father and his friends. He was determined to make a better life for himself.

Now 12 years clean, Kyle has a full-time job and plans to buy his first house. He says he will never be recovered—he will always be recovering. But he has hope that he will succeed.