Behavioral Health Department

Our Behavioral Health Department encompasses our LIFE Residential Program, Outpatient Chemical Dependency Clinic, Addiction Prevention Education Program and Mental Health Outpatient Clinic. We are certified by Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse (OASAS) and Office of Mental Health (OMH). We provide services for adolescents and adults utilizing individualized, trauma-responsive, evidence based, and holistic treatment models.

As with all of the Villa's programs, the Behavioral Health Department values individual dignity, and embraces the concept of Neurodiversity. Neurodiversity recognizes that all human beings think and process the world differently, whether in ways we regard as "typical," or in ways we regard as different. The neurological differences of those we serve are recognized and valued as any other human variation, regardless of medical labels. 

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Many thanks to Excellus, sponsor of the Villa's Behavioral Health Services programs.