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For seventy-five years Villa of Hope, formerly St.Joseph's Villa, has touched over 50,000 lives. We are proud of and inspired by the accomplishments of our alumni and would love to connect!

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Joe Miller at Villa of Hope gathering

In 1942, 8-year-old Joe Miller and his older brother stepped onto the campus of St. Joseph’s Villa with a group of fellow orphans and the promise of a new life. With their parents no longer able to care for them, this would now be their home. The Sisters quickly embraced the boys with love and kindness. Joe knew they were going to be OK.

After his 8th-grade graduation at the Villa, Joe went to live with his aunt and uncle while attending the Aquinas Institute. He later went on to serve in the Army, graduate from the University of Rochester and hold a successful career in the Human Resources department at Kodak. Joe and his wife, Julie, have never forgotten what the Villa meant to Joe’s life. They have kept the Villa close to their hearts by being involved for many years, hoping their donations will benefit youth who need the help of the Villa today.


Bev Carroll - Villa of Hope Alumni

At age 7, Beverly Carroll was removed from her mother’s care. By age 12, Child Protective Services removed Bev from her father’s care and placed her in a foster home, where she would remain until age 16. Bev’s father was unable to provide an appropriate and safe environment for his daughter.

Faced with what she felt was no other choice, Bev left her home and sought support from the Center for Youth. Eventually, Bev’s father would file a PINS (Persons in Need of Supervision) petition and Bev would be placed in residential care at Villa of Hope. She participated in Youth in Progress, a statewide advocacy group for youth in foster care, and obtained a an internship with Office of Children and Family Services.

Beverly knew she needed to choose to better herself and her situation, and she began to form lasting relationships with both Villa staff and other youth. Today, Bev is a full-time student at Monroe Community College, with a major in Human Services and Social Work, with hopes of returning to the Villa as an employee in the role of social worker. For now, Bev volunteers as a junior intern and is helping develop a youth advocacy group.

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