Sanctuary ... a holistic approach to how we operate at Villa of Hope.  The Sanctuary Model® is a blueprint for change which, at its core, promotes safety and recovery from adversity through the active creation of a trauma-responsive community.

In 2017, Villa of Hope attained official Sanctuary® Certification from the Andrus Sanctuary Institute, after a journey that had begun in 2011. Sanctuary has made a significant impact on our community, enhancing safety and creating a healing environment for our youth, their families and our staff.  Rollover each area in the graphic below to learn more about our guiding principles and the seven commitments of Sanctuary.

Definitions of Guiding Principles 
that shape our Organizational Performance

Quality We provide superior programs, services and internal processes

Sustainable Outcomes We hold ourselves accountable for achieving sustainable outcomes

Financial Viability We are good financial stewards

Youth & Families We engage from a strength based perspective

Collaborative Efforts We build strong and lasting partnerships, internally and externally

Internal Process We maintain clear, strong and efficient policy and procedures

Talent & Culture We empower staff

Seven Commitments of Sanctuary 
which make up our Organizational Culture 

  1. Social Responsibility We are accountable, reliable, proactive, positive, appreciative

  2. Growth & Change We innovate, ignite, promote, initiate and support a change ready culture

  3. Democracy We engage staff, youth, families & volunteers

  4. Emotional Intelligence We are caring, compassionate, respectful, balanced, self-aware

  5. Open Communication We demonstrate integrity, honesty, humility, transparency, vulnerability

  6. Social Learning We are courageous, encouraging, committed to seeking and sharing best practices

  7. Non-violence We are committed to physical, social, psychological and moral/ethical safety


Click the image below to download our Fundamental Guiding principles document.