The True North Program

The True North Program is located in Greece, NY, on the Villa of Hope Dewey Avenue Campus. True North serves young men aged 16 who are in the foster care system. These youth are also identified as needing increased supervision and clinical treatment.  True North provides a safe and nurturing environment for youth, allowing them the support needed to identify and work through their unique situations, and is programming developed for the New York State Raise the Age (RTA) law change.  

Youth come to True North for a variety of reasons that can include history of traumatic events, academic needs, emotion management and relationship challenges, or other stressors that impact their ability to live at home.  Youth receive individualized treatment that can include safety planning, identification and development of coping and emotional regulation skills.  Youth are supported in rebuilding relationships, as well as developing other lifelong connections as they begin planning for their transition to the next phase of their lives.

True North is a Residential treatment program, and like all Villa of Hope programs and services, recognizes the role that traumatic experiences play in the lives of our clients and the need for trauma-informed, trauma-reponsive staff and interventions. 

The True North program is licensed by New York State Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS).