residential programs

Residential Treatment Center (RTC)

Our residential treatment center serves 40 youth, ages 11 to 17, on our beautiful, Dewey Avenue Campus in three cottages.  This program incorporates therapeutic, educational and recreational services in a highly structured environment.  Newly utilizing the Search Institute’s 40 Development Assets, a strength-based model for individualized service and treatment planning, the Villa’s residential programs are outcome-focused, with an emphasis on progress

Residential Treatment Facility (RTF)

Providing enhanced residential and educational services, along with intensive therapy for youth with serious emotional disabilities, our RTF accommodates up to 14 youth ages 13 to 21. These teens are referred by the NYS Office of Mental Health due to serious difficulties managing severe, persistent psychiatric issues. In a homey setting, we address their many behavioral and psychological needs, including the effects of trauma, and work to improve communication and relationships with family members.

Path Forward

This highly-structured residential treatment program serves up to 8 females ages 12 to 18. Opening in June 2012, this critical care program offers specialized services for young women with complex needs and a history of oppositional behavior, challenges in school and intense conflict at home. With a focus on independent living skills using the Casey Life Skills Program ® and other as-needed supports, such as chemical dependency services, we work collaboratively with youth and families to decrease the potential for high-risk behaviors.

Group Homes and Community Residences

Providing teens with the opportunity to learn daily-living skills and develop personal responsibility and self-reliance through community living is the focus at our three group homes and community residences.

We operate one co-ed group home in Monroe County for youth ages 16 to 21 who have been placed in foster care or campus residential care by the county or court system. These young adults have been through traumatic experiences and need support, structure, nurturing and coaching to help make health decisions about behavior and relationships. Outcomes are individualized to meet the unique needs of each client, such as completing high school, securing employment, or attending college.

Our co-ed community residence in Wayne County serves youth ages 13 to 18 who are able to step down from a higher level of care for serious mental health challenges. The primary goal is to help teens manage their mental illness that they can return to live with their family. Psychiatric services and individual and group therapy helps teens and family members learn how to manage emotions to prevent violence, self harm or other unhealthy behaviors.

Our Young Mother Program is the only one of its kind in Monroe County. Placed with us by Family Court, young moms ages 12 to 21 live with their infants and toddlers while receiving specialized care and learn independent living skills. A focus on intense instruction on parenting incorporates Teenage Parent Support Services as well as professional development for our staff through the Child Care Council.

Community Apartment Program (CAP)

Young people ages 16 ½ to 21 who have been in the foster care system have the opportunity to learn to live on their own in one of our community apartments. Youth live in one or two-bedroom apartments in a northeast Rochester complex with our staff on-site and available around the clock. This program promotes independence, prevents homelessness and decreases the dependence on public assistance. Residents are required to work and/or be enrolled in an educational or vocational program. We help them master independent living skills, including budgeting and cooking, and help them set and achieve personal goals.