Transitional Services

The Villa of Hope’s Transitional Services Program provides direct services to adolescents who are residing in foster care and who have been identified by their Monroe County Foster Care worker as being at risk of not successfully achieving their goal of independent living, upon discharge from foster care. The program uses the evidenced based curriculum Winning Futures with the youth that focuses on future planning.

The Transitional Services Program is administered by the Youth Opportunity Unit (YOU Team) at Monroe County Department of Human Services. Referrals are made or authorized by the YOU Team, and decisions regarding the case are made collaboratively with the YOU Team, the transitional social worker, and the youth. The Villa of Hope’s Transitional Services Program serves youth ages 14-20. Services can also be offered to 18-20-year-old youth who have signed themselves out of care, but for whom Monroe County will be their guardian until they are 21. The program uses a community based approach, and the primary goal is to prepare adolescents to develop skills and succeed as independent young adults.  The program focuses on helping clients develop their emotional and social maturity, as well as teach basic life skills necessary for independent living. Additionally, the role of the social worker is to link, refer, and support youth.

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