Skill Building

Highly-trained Villa staff teach physical, social, cognitive, emotional and spiritual life skills to youth from age 5 through 21. The team provides Skill Building Services in a safe and therapeutic environment for adolescents and their families to learn, explore and grow.

Participants will be guided through a process of self-discovery and skill-based activities. Adolescents and their families will learn new skills and have a chance to practice them with guidance from professional staff. They will explore community resources and partnerships for lasting connections.

In addition, Adolescents will explore and recognize their own personal strengths, and the strengths of their families.

Program Goals:

  • To work proactively in a useful, versus helpful way.
  • To teach youth cognitive, social and emotional skills.
  • To teach youth and adults how to work toward mutually satisfactory solutions.
  • To teach youth and families skills that result in the enhancement and utilization of community resources to improve independent community social functioning.
  • To teach community service providers relative to the needs of our youth and families.
  • To have the care focused on the family as a whole in their community setting and decrease the need for out of home placements.
  • To offer families an individualized service delivery approach.

The Skill Development Team offers diverse trauma-informed supports that empower and instill hope in adolescents and families to develop lasting successes and impact community wellness. The work is done in a one-to-one and/or group setting as well as in the home and/or community.

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