Juvenile Reporting Center (JRC)

The Villa's JRC program engages youth in supervised activities to reduce the need for detention stays and out of home placements for youth. JRC provides an intensive evening reporting program and community activities for youth 13 -21 years of age (including Raise the Age youth) for up to 3 months. JRC provides continuity, accountability, and responsibility for each youth so that in a very short period of time they may be able to approach life with new tools for success and productivity.

JRC provides transportation to and from the program site and operates five days per week after school. The program is designed from pick up to drop off to have the youth working to explore, experience and learn alternatives to behaviors that have led them to JRC. The program offers school advocacy, drug and alcohol awareness, positive social skills, career exploration and recreational activities. 

The JRC also meets with family parents/guardians regularly to provide them with resources when necessary, taking a youth focused and family driven approach to service.  The JRC program creates an individualized service plan to assist youth and their families in overcoming barriers.

The young person must have a Family Court status of Person In Need of Supervision (PINS) or Juvenile Delinquent (JD) and live in the City of Rochester.  Participants are referred by the Alternative Program Review (APR) committee, Family Court or Probation. 

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