The After Care Program at Villa of Hope provides home-based services to adolescents transitioning from residential, group home or specialized foster care, back home to their families and communities. The Program serves adolescents, ages 12-20 and their families, when they return home from placement.

These services and expertise have traditionally included individual and family counseling, parent skill training, life skill development, advocacy and some case management services with systems such as schools, mental health, and DHS. The program uses the evidenced based curriculum Parenting Wisely: Teen Edition (ages 11 and up) for the parent skill training piece of the program. The program also uses the evidenced based curriculum Winning Futures with the youth.

Services can open up to three months prior to a planned discharge, so refer early! It makes the transition easier! 

Required documents include 928 & 929 MCDHS referral forms, and the most recent FASP. Requested documents include any psychiatric assessments, psychological assessments, intake or psycho-social assessments, report cards and IEP’s (if applicable). 

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For intake information, contact Jacqueline Ryan; email:

Phone: 585-865-1550 Ext. 276


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