Under the general direction of the Director of Health Services, the Staff Nurse is responsible to provide health care primarily to the Residential Treatment Facility (RTF) children, and to support the health care needs of the Residential Treatment Children (RTC) and the Chemically Dependent Children of the Villa of Hope. The staff nurse is a registered nurse who will conduct general assessments as well as an evaluation for sick/injured clients. Additionally, the nurse will participate in any orientation for new hires and provide observations for the undergraduate and graduate nursing students in the area. The nurse will demonstrate and be accountable to the Agencies Mission, Vision, Values, Guiding Principles and Strategic Plan.



                                                            RESPONSIBILITIES & DUTIES

1.0      Safety

·        Exercises full compliance with the Agency’s Code of Conduct, all Agency policies and procedures and Federal, State, laws and regulations including OMH, OCFS and OASAS regulations. (Social responsibility, non-violence)

·        Maintains confidentiality and security for all client related material and/or client records. (social responsibility, non-violence)

·        Stays updated on own profession through books, literature, internet, groups and associations (open communication, social learning, growth and change)

·        Performs duties as required regarding child’s health e.g. vital signs, lab work and/or prepare medications for home visits (emotional intelligence, social responsibility, social learning, open communication)

2. 0   Sustained/Future Positive Impact

·         Performs medical assessments of clients.(emotional intelligence, social responsibility, non-violence)

·         Provides health education to clients. (emotional intelligence, social responsibility, social learning)

·         Follows MD orders when administering and supervising medication administration. Documents in the child’s record.(social responsibility, open communication, emotional intelligence)

·         Provides triage, first aid treatment and documents accordingly.(open communication, social learning)

·        Acts as a medical resource for residential staff. (open communication, social learning, social responsibility growth and change)

·         Participates in staff training when requested. (emotional intelligence, social responsibility, social learning)

·         Maintains clear, concise and legible notes on all documented forms.(social responsibility, growth and change)

·         Understands and ensures regulations from OMH, OCFS and OASAS are followed. (social responsibility, non-violence, social learning)

3.0  Cultural Sensitivity

·         Demonstrates, promotes and practices cultural competency toward clients and staff through respect and understanding achieved through training and Agency cultural activities. (emotional intelligence, social learning, growth and change)

4.0  Honor Individual Journeys

·         Works with other professionals to increase their knowledge and experience. Additionally, uses peers and own resources to increase knowledge base working with adolescents and behavior issues. (social learning, growth and change)

·         Maintains knowledge in mental and physical needs of our clients (social learning, growth and change)

·         Monitors state website for program related information. (open communication, growth and change)

5. 0   Fiscal Responsibility

·         Works with the Director of Health Service to ease cost and recommends supplies and equipment when needed. (open communication, social responsibility)

·         Understands the diverse insurances that the different program utilizes (social responsibility, open communication, social learning)

6.0  Family Driven / Youth Guided

·         Consults with program nurse and assists in referring clients to specialists, if needed. (open communication, emotional intelligence)

·            Assesses health concerns when conducting interventions on clients. (open communication, social responsibility, emotional intelligence)

·            Work with clients and families regarding health needs promoting health and wellness (social responsibility, social learning, open communication, non-violence, growth and change)

·            Use the principles of TCI training when dealing with clients and staff (open communication, social learning, non-violence, growth and change)

7.0  Collaborative Relationships

·         Consults with the nursing program managers and staff to promote a collaborative approach. (open communication, social responsibility)

·         Gives report to peers at the end of the shift to ensure a smooth transition.( open communication, social responsibility)

·         Remains accessible to Agency nurses for consultation. (open communication, social responsibility)

·          Supplies data and statistics to the Director of Health Service as requested.  (open communication, non-violence)

·         Understand through training, cooperation and collaboration in the use of the Sanctuary Model (open communication, social learning, social responsibility, non-violence, growth and change)

·         Attends biweekly or designated meetings with the Director of Health Services. (open communication, social learning, non-violence, growth and change)



Registered Nurse Licensed by NYS

Experience working in the adolescence field

Experience working with adolescence behavioral issues

Experience working in the mental health field