VTCC Counselor

One 25 hour/week position

One 15 hour/week position


Under the general direction of the JRC/VTCC Supervisor the VTCC counselor. The VTCC counselor is responsible for performing phone and/or visual curfew checks as mandated, on court ordered referred youth. Carries out all job responsibilities with fidelity and accountability to the Agency’s Mission, Vision, Values, Guiding Principles and Strategic Plan.


1.0 Safety
1.1 Exercises full compliance with the Agency’s Code of conduct, all Agency policies and procedures and Federal and State laws and regulations. (non-violence, social responsibility)
1.2 Exercises full compliance with the Justice Center’s Code of Conduct for Custodians of People with Special Needs. (Non-Violence, Social Responsibility, Emotional Intelligence)
1.3 Employs approved crisis intervention / prevention techniques utilizing accepted practices per Agency policy and procedures. (non-violence, social responsibility)
1.4 Informs supervisor of safety status at the end of the shift. (non-violence)

2. 0 Sustained/Future Positive Impact
2.1 Conducts visual and phone curfew checks on assigned youth as defined by courts and program levels. (non-violence)

3.0 Cultural Sensitivity
3.1 Demonstrates, promotes and practices cultural competency toward clients and staff through respect and understanding achieved through training and Agency cultural activities. (emotional intelligence, non-violence)
3.2 Recognizes and embraces the diversity of family. (growth and change, social responsibility)

4.0 Honor Individual Journeys

5. 0 Fiscal Responsibility
5.1 Completes and maintains daily curfew and after school individual logs. (open communication)
5.2 Faxes individual logs to probation at shift end.(open communication)

6.0 Family Driven / Youth
6.1 Assists management in the delivery of the Sanctuary Model aligning operational areas with values of the model (Growth and Change, Social Responsibility)
6.2 Notifies Probation of any youth or family identified concerns. (open communication, social responsibility)
6.3 Supports youth and family in attending all court appearances by day prior appointment reminder. (open communication, social responsibility)

7.0 Collaborative Relationships
7.1 Maintains daily communication with Probation to ensure all parties are apprised of current youth information. (open communication)
7.2 Serves as a positive representative of the Agency and of the JRC program with parents, community resource personnel and Monroe County Probation. (open communication)
7.3 Perform other similar duties requiring comparable skills utilizing the Sanctuary Model Guiding Principles and Seven Commitments. (Non-Violence, Social Responsibility)


EDUCATION: High school graduate or equivalent

EXPERIENCE: Experience working with identified population

SKILLS: Valid NYS Drivers license in good standing

SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: Available to work afternoon and evening hours Mon-Fri
Comfortable with community based work with high risk youth

Working in high risk neighborhoods during evening hours.