Under the general direction of the Clinical Director, the Social Worker is responsible to provide treatment and therapy for each youth in residence and for their families. The Social Worker coordinates interdisciplinary treatment and completes documentation of all activities in a manner and timeframe consistent with Agency and Corporate Compliance standards. The Social Worker carries out all job responsibilities with fidelity and accountability to the Agency’s Mission, Vision, Values, Fundamental Guiding Principles, and Strategic Plan.


                                                    RESPONSIBILITIES & DUTIES

1.0      Safety

·        Exercises full compliance with the Agency’s Code of Conduct, all Agency policies and procedures and Federal and State laws and regulations. (non-violence, social responsibility)

·        Exercises full compliance with program policies and procedures.

·        Notify youth of their rights under applicable abuse and neglect protection laws within 72 hours of admission and document on “Acknowledgment of Abuse/Neglect Instruction” form. (open communication, non-violence)

·        Notify parents and appropriate authorities in case of emergencies and runaways. (open communication, non-violence)

·        Provides crisis prevention and intervention for youth and families.

·        Coordinates the completion of each youth’s Individualized Crisis Management Plan (ICMP) within 72 hours of admission and facilitates its review/revision by treatment team members at every treatment meeting and/or as needed.

·        Participates in residential clinical on-call system.

·        Notify parents/guardians of changes in psychotropic medication prescriptions.

·        Fulfills all legal requirements as a Mandated Reporter under NYS law and professional ethical standards.

2. 0   Sustained/Future Positive Impact

·         Provides individual therapy at least weekly to youth in residence. (growth and change, non-violence, open communication)

·         Provides family therapy at least monthly to youth in residence and their family members. (growth and change, non-violence, open communication.)

·         Develops written reports on treatment planning and progress for state and local agencies and/or criminal or family courts or makes plans for a designee to do so. (open communication, growth and change)

·         Record all actions of the treatment team meetings and disseminates them. (open communication)

·         Completes discharge summary document upon discharge of each youth from the program.

3.0    Cultural Sensitivity

·         Demonstrates, promotes and practices cultural competency toward clients and staff through respect and understanding achieved through training and Agency cultural activities. (emotional intelligence, non-violence)

·         Arranges schedule to provide services to youth and families in their homes and their home communities, including evening and weekend hours if needed.

4.0    Honor Individual Journeys

·         Completes initial and ongoing assessments of each youth and family’s strengths, needs, and progress utilizing information from the youth and family as well as interdisciplinary treatment team members. (emotional intelligence, non-violence, social learning)

·        Completes individualized youth and family interdisciplinary treatment plans within 72 hours of admission, including family vision, strengths, goals, targets, and methods, and facilitates its review/revision by treatment team members at least monthly. (open communication, growth and change)

·         Complete referrals for youth and/or families to receive specialized clinical treatment services (e.g., chemical dependency, sexual abuse) beyond the scope of practice of the Social Worker as needed and maintain collateral contact as appropriate, or makes plans for a designee to do so.

5. 0   Fiscal Responsibility

·  Completes progress/service delivery notes and all other required documentation in a manner and timeframe consistent with Agency and Corporate Compliance standards.

·  Complies with content and timeframe documentation requirements for external reporting specific to program licensing agency (e.g., NYS OMH-CAIRS/NIMRS; NYS OCFS-CONNECTIONS).

·  Senior Clinician at Tuckahoe Road Community Residence Only: Fullfills Medicaid requirements of Qualified Mental Health Staff (QMHS). Refer to program policy manual for details.

6.0    Family Driven / Youth Guided

·         Collaborates and communicates with youth and families on an ongoing basis to maximize their leadership and involvement in the residential placement and all services therein.

·         Provides group therapy/treatment to youth in residence and family members as needed. (growth and change, non-violence, open communication, social learning)

·         Arranges family time for youth and their families as part of the treatment process, obtains their feedback after every visit, and documents both or makes plans for a designee to do so. (growth and change, open communication)

·         Supports/supervises family time when needed or makes plans for a designee to do so.

·         Provides transportation and/or coordinates transportation for youth and families when needed.

7.0    Collaborative Relationships

·         Collaborates and coordinates case planning with applicable government agencies (e.g., NYS Office of Children & Family Services, NYS Office of Mental Health, county Departments of Social Services, school district Committees on Special Education. (open communication, social learning)

·         Collaborates and coordinates case planning and progress internally through team meetings and individual contacts with other disciplines. (open communication, social learning, social responsibility)

·         Collaborates, coordinates, and leads the interdisciplinary treatment team and its process. (open communication, non-violence, democracy)

·         Generates youth calendars on Outlook software and adds Social Work appointments. (open communication)

·         Represents the Agency in family and/or criminal court proceedings or makes plans for a designee to do so. (emotional intelligence, open communication)

·         Develops and maintains contact with community agencies and resources including Department of Social Services Foster Care, financial maintenance, child protective, school counseling, mental health, housing and employment agencies. (open communication, social learning)

·         Acts as advocate and liaison of client and family in securing other resources when appropriate. (open communication, emotional intelligence, growth and change)

·         Coordinates internal and external communication of information regarding arrests of youth and/or other similar critical incidents when these occur.

·         Collaborates and communicates with the Care Coordinator (OCFS) or Transition Coordinator (OMH) to ensure that the following also occur:

o    A phone list is generated with the youth and family and revised as needed

o    The youth, family, and Agency are represented at internal and external CSE meetings

o    Youth and family natural supports are included on the interdisciplinary treatment team

·          Discharge planning assessments and documentation (e.g., rating scales, updated assessments, referral forms) are complete and submitted contemporaneously

·         Senior Clinician Only: Additional program, Agency, and/or systems tasks as assigned.

                                                     MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS

EDUCATION:      Master of Social Work or comparable degree with eligibility for NYS licensure; current licensure preferred.  

EXPERIENCE: 2+ years of relevant experience with comparable service population

SKILLS: Strong interpersonal skills with youth, families, staff, and stakeholders. Exemplary written and verbal communication skills. Exceptional organizational skills and ability to balance competing demands on time and resources. Ability to form, lead, and participate effectively on teams. Creative problem-solving. Commitment to quality improvement. Microsoft Outlook, Word, and Excel.       

OTHER: Must possess valid NYS Drivers License and ownership/use of an automobile.