Resident Counselor(s)

Evening and Weekend positions available.

Under the general direction of the Program Manager, the Residential Counselor is responsible to provide quality care and supervision for the clients assigned, carrying out the treatment plan designed for each client; Carries out all job responsibilities with fidelity and accountability to the Agencies Mission, Vision, Values, Guiding Principles and Strategic Plan.

1.0 Safety
1.1 Exercises full compliance with Agency code of conduct, all Agency policies and procedures and Federal and State laws and regulations. (Non-Violence, Social Responsibility)
1.2 Exercises full compliance with the Justice Center’s Code of Conduct for Custodians of People with Special Needs. (Non-Violence, Social Responsibility, Emotional Intelligence)
1.3 Provides individual and group supervision and accounts for all youth in care at all times. (Non-violence, Open Communication, Social Responsibility)
1.4 Obtains/maintains TCI certification. Employs approved crisis prevention/intervention techniques utilizing TCI best-practice. Documents all SER/CIs and participates in supervisory reviews with TCI Post Crisis Response. (Non-Violence, Open Communication, Social Responsibility)
1.5 Supports that clients’ individual ICMPs are being used effectively. (Non-Violence, Emotional Intelligence, Social Responsibility)
1.6 Supervises medications as prescribed, reports medical problems and follows medical directions. (Non -Violence, Open Communication, Social responsibility)
1.7 Upholds all rules and structure within the residence. (Non-Violence, Social Responsibility)
1.8 Facilitates at least one fire drill per year. (Non-Violence, Social Responsibility)
1.9 Provides a safe environment for youth and staff utilizing the Sanctuary model. (Non-Violence)

2.1 Reads and becomes familiar with program policy manual. (Social Responsibility)
2.2 Attends required scheduled trainings. (Non-Violence, Social Responsibility)
2.3 Participates in on-going training and staff development provided by the Program and/or Agency. (Social Learning, Social responsibility, Growth and Change)

3.1 Demonstrates, promotes and practices cultural competency towards clients, families and staff with respect and understanding achieved through training and Agency cultural activates. (Emotional Intelligence, Social Responsibility)

4.1 Develops relationships with each client to promote healthy growth and development. (Open Communication, Growth and Change)
4.2 Utilizes relationships to help clients cope more effectively in the world which they live. (Open Communication, Growth and Change)
4.3 Assumes role of primary for at least one client. (Emotional Intelligence, Growth and Change)

5.1 Understands and utilizes tools available when purchasing clothing for clients, food, and other supplies for the residence. (Social Responsibility)
5.2 Completes service delivery documentation within required timeframes and submits progress notes to the RTC Social Worker. (Social Responsibility)
5.3 Maintains daily logs for each client. (Open Communication, Social Responsibility, Growth and Change)
6.1 Assists Management in the delivery of the Sanctuary Model aligning operational areas with values of the model. (Growth and Change, Social Responsibility)
6.2 Directs clients in the daily routine (program) of the residence. (Non-violence, social responsibility)
6.3 Implements treatment methods and directives of each individual client. (Social Responsibility, Non-Violence)
6.4 Provides therapeutic consequences (limit setting in line with Agency policy and procedures) that is fair, consistent and recognizes the needs of the client. (Emotional Intelligence, Non-Violence)
6.5 Sets behavioral limits for clients within the structure of the residence and out in the community. (Non-Violence, Social Responsibility)
6.6 Understands treatment team procedures and translates them into daily life situations for clients. (Non-Violence, Emotional Intelligence, Social Responsibility, and Growth and Change)
6.7 Writes ICMP’s with the client. (Democracy, Growth and Change)
6.8 Assists youth in ADL/ILS skills. (Social Responsibility, Growth and Change)
6.9 Facilitates Community Meetings with the clients and staff. (Non-Violence, Social Responsibility, Growth and Change)
6.10 Prepares and assists the client’s in meal preparations. (Social responsibility, Growth and Change)
6.11 Leads and participates in recreation and leisure time activities. (Non-Violence, Democracy, Social Responsibility)
6.12 Transports clients to activities and medical appointments. (Social Responsibility)
7.1 Remains reasonably available to fill in for emergencies and/or staff illnesses. (Social responsibility)
7.2 Attends, and participates in the treatment team process; writes assessments, develops treatment objectives and methods. (Social Learning, Open Communication, Growth and Change)
7.3 Participates in the cleaning and upkeep of the residence; reports repairs to Program Manager. (Social responsibility)
7.4 Manages the environment and coordinates Villa staff, clients, families and representatives of community resources (police, fire, etc.) as needed. (Non-Violence, Social Responsibility)
7.5 Facilitates relationships with community resources, (i.e. job, school, etc.) in order to monitor behavioral and social progress of the clients in the residence. (Non-Violence, Open Communication, Growth and Change)
7.6 Perform other similar duties requiring comparable skills utilizing the Sanctuary Model Guiding Principles and Seven Commitments. (Non-Violence, Social Responsibility)

EDUCATION: AAS or BS in Human Services or related field of study preferred; H.S. Diploma or equivalent required.

EXPERIENCE: One year experience working with children directly or equivalent.

SKILLS: Child care, group management, household management, facilitating recreation and leisure activities, directing daily routines, communication and documentation, interpersonal and teamwork.

SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: Valid NY State Driver’s License

WORKING CONDITIONS AND PHYSICAL DEMANDS: Work is performed primarily in a residential setting. Work entails an ability to handle people and situations with compassion, diplomacy and tact. Work frequently involves an ability to work cooperatively in a team environment and to problem solve unexpected/unpredictable circumstances and to act appropriately in the event of an emergency. Work entails an ability to calmly and patiently manage threatening and assaultive situations. Work requires a willingness to deal with intimate, personal issues.

The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

The following lists physical demands an employee will perform on a regular basis: sitting, standing, bending, lifting, talking and hearing, and walking. Must be able to perform a variety of household tasks, climb stairs, move throughout the cottage or group home and quickly respond to emergencies. Position requires that the employee must be able to restrain clients up 350 lbs. utilizing Therapeutic Crisis Intervention. Good vision is imperative. Must be able to talk and hear well.

The following lists physical demands an employee may perform on an occasional basis: ability to stay awake during overnight hours.