Career Opportunity : Recreation Therapist


Under the general direction of the Therapeutic Recreation Manager, the Recreation Therapist actively participates as a member of the inter-disciplinary treatment team and assesses, plans, implements and evaluates therapeutic recreation activities for clients in residence; Carries out all job responsibilities with fidelity and accountability to the Agency’s Mission, Vision, Values, Guiding Principles and Strategic Plan.


1.0 Safety

1.1 Exercises full compliance with Agency code of conduct, all Agency policies and procedures and Federal and State laws and regulations. (Non-Violence, Social Responsibility)

1.2 Exercises full compliance with the Justice Center’s Code of Conduct for Custodians of People with Special Needs. (Non-Violence, Social Responsibility, Emotional Intelligence)

1.3 Maintains and monitors the condition of the recreation equipment. (Social Responsibility, Non-Violence)

1.4 Performs and logs safety inspections on recreation equipment. (Social Responsibility, Non-Violence)

1.5 Oversees use of facilities within recreation/education complex as assigned. (Social Responsibility, Non-Violence)

1.6 Secures facilities at completion of recreation activities/programs. (Social Responsibility, Non-Violence)

1.7 Completes incident reporting within required timeframes when residents are involved in reportable events during recreation therapy activities. (Social Responsibility, Open Communication, Non-Violence)

1.8 Provides support and assistance to staff and clients in crisis situations. (Non-Violence, Social Responsibility)

1.9 Performs lifeguard duties as needed. (Social Responsibility, Non-Violence)

2. 0 Sustained Future Positive Impact

2.1 Reads and becomes familiar with program policy manual. (Social Responsibility, Growth and Change)

2.2 Supervises department volunteers and interns as assigned. . (Non-Violence, Emotional Intelligence, Social Learning, Democracy, Open Communication, Social Responsibility, Growth and Change)

2.3 Logs daily progress and attendance of client’s participation in therapeutic recreation activities. (Social Responsibility, Open Communication)

2.4 Submits monthly progress reports on each resident to the clinical record. (Social Responsibility, Open Communication)

2.5 Plans and implements in-service training sessions for residential counselor staff as requested (i.e., team building, ABT, etc). (Social Responsibility, Growth and Change)

2.6 Leads and assists in workshops (lifeguarding, ropes course) for therapeutic recreation specialists as assigned. (Social Responsibility, Growth and Change)

2.7 Submits proposals for implementation of recreation activities quarterly to Recreation Director. (Social Responsibility, Growth and Change, Democracy)

3.0 Cultural Sensitivity

 3.1 Demonstrates, promotes and practices cultural competency towards clients, families and staff with respect and understanding achieved through training and Agency cultural activates. (Emotional Intelligence, Social Responsibility)

4.0 Honor Individual Journeys

4.1 Develops relationships with each client conducive to promoting healthy growth and development. (Growth and Change, Open Communication)

5. 0 Fiscal Responsibility

5.1 Completes service delivery documentation within required timeframes and submits progress notes to the respective Social Worker. (Social Responsibility, Open Communication, Non-Violence)

5.2 Submits budgetary needs to the Therapeutic Recreation Manager on an ongoing basis. (Social Responsibility, Open Communication, Non-Violence)

6.0 Family Driven / Youth Guided

 6.1 Assists Management in the delivery of the Sanctuary Model aligning operational areas with values of the model. (Growth and Change, Social Responsibility)

6.2 Plans, schedules, and implements youth guided therapeutic recreation activities as scheduled. (Social Responsibility, Growth and Change)

6.3Attends weekly cottage and community meetings to obtain youth input on preferred recreation activities. (Non-Violence, Open Communication, Social Responsibility)

7.0 Collaborative Relationships

7.1 Conducts weekly planning meetings with Sr. RC Rec Liaison for planning of structured activities. (Social Responsibility, Open Communication, Democracy)

7.2 Completes an initial interview, assessment, and ongoing treatment progress reports and presents a review of resident’s objectives on treatment plans according to required timeframes. (Social Responsibility, Growth and Change, Open Communication)

7.3 Completes discharge interview and summary for each resident. (Social Responsibility, Growth and Change, Open Communication)

7.4 Assists in equipment inventory on an on-going basis. (Social Responsibility, Non-Violence)
7.5 Assists in compiling statistics for quality assurance. (Social Responsibility, Open Communication, Growth and Change)

7.6 Attends weekly staff meetings and required trainings. (Social Responsibility, Growth and Change)

7.7 Communicates concerns or problems directly to Therapeutic Recreation Manager. (Social Responsibility, Open Communication)

7.8 Provides coverage as a Recreation Therapist to other units in the absence of other Recreation Therapists as needed. (Social Responsibility, Non-Violence)

7.9 Perform other similar duties requiring comparable skills utilizing the Sanctuary Model Guiding Principles and Seven Commitments. (Non-Violence, Social Responsibility)


EDUCATION / EXPERIENCE: A bachelor's degree is required for this position. Multiple years of therapeutic recreation preferred with at least one year of experience in therapeutic recreation with youth. This job requires employees to engage with youth in recreation, involves evaluation recreational therapy needs for youth and development of therapuetic recreation programs.

SKILLS / SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: Current ARC First Aid, CPR for the Professional Rescuer, and ARC lifeguard training; a valid NYS driver’s license is required.

WORKING CONDITIONS AND PHYSICAL DEMANDS: Occasional exposure to weather extremes