Career Opportunity : Quality Assurance Performance Improvement Manager


Under general direction of the Director of Program Development & Quality, drives quality improvement through internal audits, reports and recommends training for staff. Assists program leadership in assuring compliance with standards for State agencies and accreditation.


1.0 Safety:

1.1 Maintains confidentiality for all staff and clients in relation to coaching, employee relations and daily information.

(non-violence, social responsibility)

1.2 Exercises full compliance with the Agency’s Code of Conduct, all Agency Policies and Procedures and Federal and State laws and regulations.

(social responsibility)

 2.0 Sustained/Future Positive Impact

2.1 Responsible for executing the quality strategy in support of the agency strategic plan and best practices.

2.2 Is aware of and actively supports the Agency’s Mission, Vision, values and Strategic Plan.

2.3 Assist in developing and implementing quality assurance and management procedures and systems for the department.

2.4 Responsible for oversight of outcome reports related to the CANS, 40 Developmental Assets, seven challenges, trauma assessments.

2.5 In conjunction with Director of Program Development & Quality review process for Incident Management (CIRT), Monitors, Environment of Care, Referral/Admission Report, Medication Usage, Continued Stay and Admission Reviews.

2.6 Ensure ongoing monitoring of the performance of the internal audits on quality assurance and reviews performed through self-assessment in compliance with specific program standards/requirements.

2.7 Conducts reviews and systems reviews on the performance of the department. Document results in agency format, review with program teams and assist the team in developing a performance improvement plan.

2.8 Review, monitor and evaluate performance of core audit processes and follow up on improvement plan.

2.9 Write, revise and verify quality standards in line with the professional practice framework and organizational strategy.

2.10 Responsible for utilization reviews for the organization.

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 3.0 Cultural Sensitivity

3.1 Ensures that all staff are treated equally and upholds the Agency’s policies and procedures in relation to Code of Conduct.

3.2 Demonstrates, promotes and practices cultural competency toward clients and staff through respect and understanding achieved through training and agency cultural activities.

(emotional intelligence, non-violence)

4.0 Honor Individual Journeys

4.1 Assists management in the delivery of the Sanctuary model aligning departments with the values of the model.

(Open communication, growth & change)

4.2 Ensures a visible presence among staff and is accessible to all levels of staff.

4.3 Assist the agency and staff in understanding the importance of quality, quality improvement and internal audits. Educate and support management and staff in this process.

 5.0 Fiscal Responsibility

5.1 Where able, participate in external audit reviews and assist in reviewing all PIPS, POCA’s, CAP.

5.2 Assist with the planning and managing of the quality and training budget.

5.3 Ensure compliance with all State, Federal, County and accrediting bodies.

5.4 Maintain all files and documents pertaining to quality audits.

5.5 Ensure the client database system meets the needs of the organization; propose upgrades and enhancements as required for growth and/or productivity.

6.0 Family Driven/Youth Guided

6.1 Assists management in the delivery of the Sanctuary model aligning departments with the values of the model.

(Open communication, growth & change)

 7.0 Collaborative Relationships

7.1 Provide hands-on operational and technical assistance to departmental teams.

7.2 Assist programs in assessing strengths and limitations which impact quality standards and work closely with departments to ensure any shortcomings are removed within timeframe.

7.3 Contribute to the development of training materials on quality assurance tools used by the organization; prepare presentations on quality at entry and quality implementation with departmental staff.

7.4 As needed, assist to facilitate training learning and knowledge dissemination events for departmental staff; contribute for training and knowledge dissemination strategy for the department, assessing the feasibility of different delivery methods, including web-based.

7.5 Supports colleagues of the department in applying the quality assurance standards.


EDUCATION: Masters Degree, clinical preferred.

Masters Degree, clinical preferred.


5-7 years in non-profit sector and relevant working experience in quality assurance, internal auditing a must.


Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to organize and motivate others.

Excellent writing and reporting skills.

Ability to work in team and collaboratively with colleagues to achieve goals.

Proactive and ability to drive change to accomplish strategic goals.

Ability to manage conflicting priorities.

Comprehensive knowledge of State funding streams and accreditation.