Under the general direction of the LIFE Program Supervisor, the Assistant Supervisor is responsible for supervising and assuring the delivery of treatment programs for adolescents in the LIFE program in support of and in absence of the LIFE Supervisor ; Carries out all job responsibilities with fidelity and accountability to the Agency’s Mission, Vision, Values, Guiding Principles and Strategic Plan.

                                                    RESPONSIBILITIES & DUTIES

1.0      Safety

·         Exercises full compliance with the Agency's Code of Conduct, all Agency policies and             procedures and Federal and State laws and regulations. (non-violence, social responsibility)

·         Provides individual and group supervision to clients in care and accounts for all clients in their care at all times (social responsibility, open communication, non-violence)

·         Directs clients in their daily routine and programs (social responsibility, non-violence)

·         Directs and participates in the cleanliness and upkeep of the residence, reports needed repairs to the House Supervisor (social responsibility, emotional intelligence)

·         Supervises medication and records same to clients prescribed, reports medical problems and follows medical directives (social responsibility, open communication, non-violence)

·         Serves meals on time and prepares them when cook is not available (non-violence, social responsibility)

·         Provides a safe environment for youth and staff utilizing the Sanctuary Model (non-violence)

·         Reads and becomes familiar with program policy manual (non-violence, social responsibility)

·         Employs approved crisis intervention/prevention techniques utilizing accepted practices per Agency policy (non-violence, social responsibility)

2. 0   Sustained/Future Positive Impact

·         Leads and participates in recreation and leisure time activities (democracy, non-violence, social responsibility)

·         Transports clients to community resources (social responsibility)

3.0    Cultural Sensitivity

·   Demonstrates, promotes and practices cultural sensitivity towards clients and staffing through respect and understanding achieved through training and Agency cultural activities (emotional intelligence, social responsibility)

4.0    Honor Individual Journeys

·   Leads and participates in recreation and leisure time activities. (social responsibility, non-violence, democracy)

·   Develops relationships with each client conducive to promoting healthy growth and development. (growth and change, open communication)

·   Adheres and follows the leveling system. (democracy)

5. 0   Fiscal Responsibility

·   Maintains for each client the daily log and charts meals served (for breakfast/lunch program). (social responsibility, open communication)

6.0    Family Driven / Youth Guided

·   Provides therapeutic consequences (limit setting in line with Agency policy and procedures) that is fair, consistent and recognizes the needs of the client. (emotional intelligence, non-violence)

·   Implements treatment methods and directives with each individual client. (social responsibility, non-violence)

7.0    Collaborative Relationships

·   Provide supervision to residential staff in the absence of the house supervisor. (growth and development, open communication, social learning)

·   Participates in treatment process by attending treatment team meetings, writes assessments and helps develop treatment objectives and methods. (open communication, growth and change, social learning)

                                                           MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS

EDUCATION:    Bachelor's degree in human service preferred. CASAC or CASAC-T preferred.


EXPERIENCE: Experience with adolescents in a behavioral health residential treatment facility.

SKILLS: Ability to take a leadership role with residential counselors. Milieu management skills.

SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: Valid NYS driver's license required.