Under the general direction of the Program Supervisor, the JRC Counselor is responsible to provide quality care and supervision for the clients assigned to the JRC program, carrying out the treatment plan designed for each client; Carries out all job responsibilities with fidelity and accountability to the Agencies Mission, Vision, Values, Guiding Principles and Strategic Plan.


                                                    RESPONSIBILITIES & DUTIES

1.0      Safety

·        Exercises full compliance with the Agency’s Code of Conduct, all Agency policies and procedures and Federal and State laws and regulations.  (non-violence, social responsibility)

·        Directs clients in the daily routine (program) of the JRC Program. (non-violence, social responsibility)

·        Provides individual and group supervision to clients in care and accounts for all in his/her care at all times. (non-violence, social responsibility, open communication)

·        Participates in the cleaning and upkeep of the JRC facility. (social responsibility, emotional intelligence, non-violence)

·        Prepares meals on time carefully following menu plans. (non-violence, social responsibility)

·        Upholds all rules and structure within the JRC Program. (non-violence, social responsibility)

·        Sets behavioral limits for clients within the JRC Program. (non-violence, emotional intelligence, social learning)

·        Employs approved crisis intervention / prevention techniques utilizing accepted practices per Agency policy and procedures. (non-violence, social responsibility)

2. 0   Sustained / Future Positive Impact

·         Participates in ongoing training and staff development provided by the Agency. (growth and change, social learning)

·         Leads group discussions and activities. (social responsibility, democracy, non-violence)

·         Conducts life skills and/or psycho educational groups for youth in the program. (Growth and change, emotional intelligence)

·         Transports clients to and from program activities. (social responsibility, non-violence)

3.0    Cultural Sensitivity

·         Demonstrates, promotes and practices cultural competency toward clients and staff through respect and understanding achieved through training and Agency cultural activities.  ( emotional intelligence, social responsibility)

·         Recognizes and embraces the diversity of family, supports and develops the strengths of youth and families. (growth and change, social responsibility)

4.0    Honor Individual Journeys

·         Develops relationships with each client to promote healthy growth and development. (growth and change, open communication)

·         Leads and participates in recreational activities. (democracy, non-violence, social responsibility)

·         Assists youth in developing independent life skills by role modeling, providing direction and reminders. (emotional intelligence, social learning)

5. 0   Fiscal Responsibility

·         Maintains daily and group logs for each client. (social responsibility, open communication)

·         Completes daily progress notes into the NYS CONNECTIONS data base system. (open communication)

·         Completes a weekly summary on each youth and submits to Probation.  (open communication)

6.0    Family Driven / Youth Guided

·         Understands client’s service plans and goal and translates them into daily situations for clients. (emotional intelligence, open communication, growth and change)

·         Supports youth’s development of and progress towards personal goals. (open communication, democracy)

7.0    Collaborative Relationships

·         Utilizes relationships to help clients cope more effectively in the world in which they live. (democracy, growth and change, non-violence)

·         Facilitates relationships with other community resources (i.e., schools, job sites, etc) in order to monitor behavioral progress. (open communication, growth and change, social learning)

·         Assumes role of primary counselor to one to five youth. (non-violence, growth and change)

·         Serves as a positive representative of the Agency and of the JRC program with parents, community resource personnel and Monroe County Probation .(open communication)

                                                     MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS

EDUCATION:      High School Diploma with college courses; degree in human services preferred.


EXPERIENCE:    One year of child care experience preferred.

SKILLS:               Valid NYS driver’s license in good standing required. 

SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS:  Available to work afternoon and evening hours Mon-Fri

                                                   Comfortable with community based work with high risk youth