Career Opportunity : Director of Program Development


Under the general direction of the Chief Compliance Officer and President/CEO, the Director of Program Development & Quality is responsible for researching, development of new programs, and spearheading the strategy for quality and training efforts. This Director’s work will collaborate with agency leadership and serve as a member of the Management Team and attend Senior Leadership Team meetings to drive quality strategy plan and collaborate on program development and organization development.


1.0 Safety

1.1 Maintains confidentiality for all staff and clients in relation to coaching, employee relations and daily information.

(non-violence, social responsibility)

1.2 Exercises full compliance with the Agency’s Code of Conduct, all Agency Policies and Procedures and Federal and State laws and regulations.

(social responsibility)

2.0 Sustained/Future Positive Impact

 2.1 Responsible for research on managed care, program development and quality to support agency strategic goals and objectives.

(growth & change)

2.2 Is aware of and actively supports the agency’s strategic plan, mission, vision, values and guiding principles.

(social responsibility, growth & change)

2.3 Works in collaboration with CEO to determine grant and new program development direction.

(growth & change)

2.4 Research new funding opportunities for the agency, for targeted programs and other opportunities and coordinate the applications.

(growth & change)

2.5 Leading and driving the agency strategic plan by providing stewardship for program development, quality and training.

(growth & change, open communication)

2.6 Responsible for ensuring that program development is aligned with the Sanctuary Model. A focus on strategic planning, leadership development and talent management will be necessary.

(social learning, open communication)

2.7 Along with SLT, establishes one and three year objectives with measurable targets for advancing the organization programs and increasing its visibility and competitive advantage.

(growth & change, social learning)

2.8 Leads the development of a process for Incident Management (CIRT), Monitors, Environment of Care, Referral/Admission Report, Medication Usage, Continue Stay and Admission Reviews.

(social learning, open communication) 2

2.9 Leads the IAB and Root Cause Analysis Programs for the organization.

2.10 Assures alignment of program development, quality and training within agency mission, vision, and values.

(growth & change)

2.11 In conjunction with the Organizational Development Manager and Human Resources, develop the annual training objectives for the agency.

(social learning, growth & change)

3.0 Cultural Sensitivity


3.1 Ensures that all staff are treated equally and upholds the Agency’s policies and procedures in relation to Code of Conduct.

(emotional intelligence, non-violence, social responsibility)

3.2 Provides leadership to the agency at all levels of the organization regarding importance of quality and reports to Board as needed.

(democracy, social learning)

3.3 Demonstrates, promotes and practices cultural competency toward clients and staff through respect and understanding achieved through training and agency cultural activities.

(emotional intelligence, non-violence)

4.0 Honor Individual Journeys


4.1 Assists management in the delivery of the Sanctuary model aligning departments with the values of the model.

(Open communication, growth & change)

4.2 Maintains a climate that attracts, maintains and motivates a diverse group of high quality staff and volunteers. Recognizes and rewards staff and is responsive to employee concerns.

(Open communication)

4.3 Directly supervises the Quality Audit position and Staff Development area. Provides regular feedback on performance, including annual performance evaluations.

(open communication, social learning)

4.4 Ensures a visible presence among staff and is accessible to all levels of staff.

(open communication, non-violence, social responsibility)

5. 0 Fiscal Responsibility5.1 Attends or has team member cover all external audits and reviews and assists in all PIPS, POCA’s, CAP’s.

(emotional intelligence, social responsibility)

5.2 Responsible for developing and managing the Quality/Training budget.

(open communication)

5.2 Participates in reviewing budgets, financial reports and proposed contracts.

(open communication)

5.3 Assures compliance with accreditation and federal laws, regulations and policies.

(social responsibility)

5.4 Ensure the client database meets needs of organization and propose upgrades and enhancements as required for growth and/or greater productivity.`

6.0 Family Driven/Youth Guided

6.1 Assists management in delivery of the Sanctuary model aligning departments with the values of the model

(open communication, growth & change)

6.2 Lead the perception of care surveys for clients/families, collect data, share reports/results and determine quality improvement efforts with program.

(social learning, growth & change)

6.3 Create and lead a plan to track youth and families 1/3/5 years past discharge to prove efforts to outcomes.

7.0 Collaborative Relationships

7.1 Establish and maintain working relationships with directors and staff in an effort to recognize, seek out and drive targeted program development needs/opportunities.

(democracy, open communication) 3

7.2 In partnership with Clinical Director and others, assist in establishing process to collect data that provides outcome information and tracks success in relation to strategic plan.

(democracy open communication)

7.3 Set up meetings or visits with potential funders and foundations to make presentations as part of program development for the agency.

(growth & change, open communication)

7.4 Drive and lead new program development in relation to agency’s mission, strategic plan and targeted initiatives.

(growth & change)

7.5 In partnership with Organizational Development Manager and Management Team, establish overall training curriculum that focus on staff development.

(democracy, social learning)

7.6 Complies and analyzes statistics to develop and support a position concerning upcoming strategy planning or for advocacy efforts by President/CEO.

(social learning, open communication)

7.7 In partnership with Clinical Director, lead the performance quality improvement for the agency.

(democracy, non-violence)

7.8 Participates as member of Management Group and at Senior Leadership Team meetings as needed.

7.9 Represents the agency by attending various community professional organizations and other activities as assigned by the President/CEO or Chief Compliance Officer.

8.0 Other duties as assigned by the Chief Compliance Officer and/or President/CEO.


 EDUCATION: Masters Degree, preferably a combination of both clinical and business/statistical.

Masters Degree, preferably a combination of both clinical and business/statistical.


 7-10 years experience in non-profit management. Prior administrative experience necessary.

SKILLS:1) Proactive and ability to drive change to accomplish strategic goals.

1) Proactive and ability to drive change to accomplish strategic goals.

2) Comprehensive knowledge of the various levels of government in the State of New York along with knowledge of various State funding streams.

3) Knowledge of quality development and outcomes measurement.

4) Excellent interpersonal skills along with open communication, emotional intelligence, and ability to work in fast paced team environment.

5) Ability to work in partnership with others, including staff members across all departments.

6) Strong problem solving skills and ability to manage multiple projects and prioritize.

7) Organized and self-directed; politically savvy and team player – able to share information and collaborate effectively across all functions, and with both internal and external partners.

8) Excellent written skills and ability to assist in creating responses to external audits.


Valid NY State Drivers License

Clean driving record with the ability to travel 10-20% of the time between locations as required.