Under the general direction of the Vice President of Programs, is responsible for overall direction of delivery of services to youth and families in the LIFE, Clinic and Prevention addiction services programs; Carries out all job responsibilities with fidelity and accountability to the Agency’s Mission, Vision, Values, Guiding Principles and Strategic Plan.

                                                    RESPONSIBILITIES & DUTIES

1.0      Safety

1.1 Exercises full compliance with the agency Code of Conduct, all agency policies and procedures and Federal and State laws and regulations.(Social Responsibility, Non-Violence)

1.2 Ensures on-going compliance with JCAHO, OASAS, and Medicaid. (Non-Violence, Social Responsibility)

1.3 Attends all regulatory audits and site reviews. (Accountability, Social Responsibility)

1.4 Assures the development and maintenance of departmental policy and procedure manuals.(Non-Violence)

1.5 Assists management in the delivery of the Sanctuary model, aligning department areas with values of the model.(Emotional Intelligence, Open Communication)

1.6 Assures a visible presence among staff and is accessible to all levels of staff. Conducts a monthly staff meeting disseminating information from management meetings.(Open Communication)

1.7 Recommends hiring, termination and other professional actions affecting the program.

 (Emotional Intelligence, Non-Violence)

2. 0   Sustained/Future Positive Impact

          2.1 Responsible for building a strong infrastructure within the areas of development and marketing to

                support agency strategic goals and to promote Addiction Treatment Services.

                (Open Communication, Growth & Change)

          2.2 Is aware of and actively supports the agency’s mission, vision, values and strategic plan.

                (Growth & Change)

          2.3 Maintains a strategic plan for Addiction Treatment Services that is compliant with OASAS expectations.

                (Emotional Intelligence; Growth & Change)

          2.4 Assures high quality, cost efficient programs and services. (Social Learning; Social Responsibility)

          2.5 Reports all required data in a timely manner to OASAS and Monroe County.

                (Social Responsibility, Accountability)

          2.6 Provides oversight of the Outpatient Clinic, LIFE Program and the Prevention Program.

                (Non-Violence; Social Learning)

          2.7 Plans, co-ordinates and leads the Quality Improvement Committee for Addiction Treatment Services,

                focusing on utilization review, customer satisfaction, implementation of evidence based clinical

                practices, incident management and outcomes.

               (Social Learning; Social Responsibility; Growth & Change)

         2.8 Completes all utilization review for the Outpatient Clinic and the LIFE Program and signs off on all

                incidents for the Outpatient Clinic, LIFE Program and Prevention Program. (Social Responsibility)

3.0    Cultural Sensitivity

          3.1 Demonstrates, promotes and practices cultural competency toward clients and staff through respect and

                understanding achieved through training and agency cultural activities.

                (Emotional Intelligence; Social Learning; Growth & Change)


4.0    Honor Individual Journeys

          4.1 Directly supervises Clinical Treatment Director, Prevention Coordinator and Administrative Assistant II.   

                (Social Learning)

          4.2 Provides regular feedback on staff performance, including annual performance evaluations.

                (Emotional Intelligence, Non-Violence)

          4.2 Maintains a climate that attracts, maintains and motivates a diverse group of high quality staff and

                 volunteers. (Emotional Intelligence; Open Communication)

           4.3 Provides regular feedback on performance, including annual performance evaluations.

                 (Emotional Intelligence; Growth & Change)

5. 0   Fiscal Responsibility

          5.1 Collaborates with finance liaison to manage the budget for all three Addiction treatment Services

                 Programs. (Social Responsibility: Growth & Change)

6.0    Family Driven / Youth Guided

          6.1 Responsible for ensuring the department is in line with the guiding principles of program models (Seven Challenges, Motivational Interviewing, Developmental Assets Profile).

         (Social Responsibility; Emotional Intelligence)

7.0    Collaborative Relationships

          7.1 Represents the agency in state regulating matters and forums concerning the Office of Alcoholism and

                Substance Abuse Services (OASAS). (Open Communication; Growth Change).

          7.1 Ensures the flow of communication regarding programs and services to the VP of Programs.

                (Open Communication; Growth & change)

          7.2 In consultation with Agency Advancement, develops and implements departmental communications, public

                relations plans, promotion and advertising programs and materials to assure community awareness of the

                department’s services. (Open Communication; Social Responsibility)

          7.3 Plans, co-ordinates and participates in the OASAS required monthly trainings.

                (Growth & Change; Social Learning)

          7.4 Attends agency meetings and participates in agency subcommittees and work groups as appropriate and

                 assigned.   (Social Learning; Social Responsibility)

          7.5 Collaborates with Villa of Hope Clinical Director to integrate CD services into Residential Programming.

                (Open Communication; Emotional Intelligence)


                                                     MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS

EDUCATION:      CASAC, Master’s degree in Social Work, Mental Health Counseling or related clinical MS degree.


EXPERIENCE:    Four years’ experience in the field of addiction services, with two years of supervisory experience required.

SKILLS:                 Proven track record of strong leadership skills, effective and strong communication and interpersonal skills, an ability to work with others, form and lead teams and manage multiple initiatives.